Sunday, 13 April 2008

Design a Green Bag Contest

This contest is only open to US residents, so I can't enter, but I thought I'd do a post about it because it's so green. Kroger, the US Grocery Store chain, is running a design-a-reusable-bag contest. Anyone living in the USA over the age of 13 can enter one bag design per day. Here's the link . Entries can be submitted until 5 pm on May 23, 2008, so lots of chances to enter.

They also have a page about Earth Day, with great ideas about adopting a greener way of life.


ucgirl3 said...

vote for mine, please!

bag 1768 thanks!

Rosie said...

Wouldn't this be great if they did something like this in the U.K.?

Rosie x

dabrah said...

Rosie, I agree, it would be great. I suppose we could make a note and put it in the suggestion boxes of nearby supermarkets.

Dawn said...

We don't have a Kroger grocery store for miles and miles and miles away. Although, it is a neat idea!!


IcyCucky said...

Thanks Dee..