Sunday, 30 September 2007


My arm hurts. I had a tetanus booster on Friday afternoon. The reason I had a tetanus booster on Friday afternoon is because on Tuesday afternoon I took my daughter's dog for a walk. He loves to swim, and as we came to a bridge over a stream, I thought I would let him go in.

He used to have one of those extending leads, but that broke, so he was on an ordinary lead, and I had to take the path down to the stream's edge to let him go in. We got to the bank of the stream, and he carefully licked the water, then moved down a bit further and licked the water again, and finally he moved further into the wood and seemed to find a place where the bank wasn't so steep, and I thought he would be going in there. So I leaned forward to give him some slack on the lead and he jumped, right across the stream, and pulled me into the water.

It was cold. Luckily I managed to keep my face out of the water, and I was still holding onto the lead, so I tried to climb out on the same side as the dog. He thought this was a wonderful game, and he started to lick my face and pushed me right back in. Eventually, I had to let go of his lead and tried to climb out of the other side, which I managed on the second attempt, but the only thing I had to hang onto was some brambles, so my hands were covered in small scratches and cuts.

I had to walk home dragging (or was it me who was dragged) the dog in squelchy wet trainers and soaked to the skin. Halfway home I realised that the reason my clothes seemed so heavy wasn't just because they were wet but also because both big pockets of my waterproof jacket were filled with water. I was not a happy camper. Blood was running down my hands from my scratches, and as soon as I got home I headed for a hot shower.

So that's why I had a tetanus booster.