Thursday, 4 June 2009

Voting Today

I went and voted in the European Union elections today. When I got to the polling station (in our village hall) and handed over the poll card I'd been sent in the post, I was given two ballot papers. Up until then I'd thought I was just voting for Euro MP's, or MEP's as they're called. But discovered that I was also voting in the County Council Elections.

The green ballot paper was for the County Council elections, and that was easy to deal with, because it was just a short slip of paper and there were only three candidates to choose from. Easy... choose, put your cross in the right square, fold and put in the correct ballot box.

The European Union election ballot paper was a different story altogether. The paper was yellow, and it was as long as my arm. And I had to choose between 15 parties, half of whom I'd never heard of before, and most of whom I knew very little about. It took a few folds to get it small enough to slip into the EU ballot box.

So that's it. I've exercised my right to vote, and it'll be interesting to hear who wins what.