Saturday, 20 December 2008

A Useful Christmas Tip

I have been so lazy about writing this blog recently. Actually I was sick with bronchitis for about 2 weeks! But I'm happy to say I'm better now.

I was moaning to someone about how boring wrapping presents is. If I do the wrapping at the dining table, I'm comfortable, but I get bored.

If I wrap presents in front of the TV, I don't get bored, but I get uncomfortable sitting on the floor, and tend to get into a mess losing stuff etc.

She suggested wrapping presents in front of the TV using the ironing board as a table. I've tried it, and it's a brilliant tip. If I want to stand, I raise the ironing board. If I want to sit down, I lower it to whichever height is most comfortable for me. And the board is long enough that I can keep all the bits and pieces like scissors and tape handy and still have room to cut up paper and wrap.

Now why did I never think of that by myself?