Friday, 19 September 2008

11 days to my first blogging anniversary

I've just noticed that my first proper post was on September 30 last year. If everything goes to schedule, I should wake up to a view of Ullswater in the Lake District on September 30 this year. I've never been to the Lake District before, so that should be a nice way to celebrate one year of blogging. Of course I'll post photos once I have them!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Photo for Sarah

Sarah, of Brit' Gal Sarah, commented in my last post that she had worked for 9 years in one of the buildings on the pedestrian bridge between Eton and Windsor, and that the photos I'd posted had taken her down memory lane. I did happen to take a picture of the bridge ( I think). Here it is, I hope it's the right one.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Windsor and Eton

I went to a reunion near Windsor two weekends ago. Some friends and I went into Windsor on the Saturday morning and decided to do a trip on the tourist bus. It was a beautifully sunny and warm day, and we were very comfortable sitting in the open air on the top deck of the bus.

The tourist bus. It was very colourful, and there was a commentary throughout the whole journey.
Windsor Castle, as seen at the start of the trip.
Windsor castle at the end of the long straight drive.......
......and again across some fields, on our way to....
An interesting roof garden somewhere in Eton.
The famous playing fields.
A tilled field with feasting birds (think of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds")
Our view of Windsor Castle at the end of the trip. It really was an interesting tour, and we all enjoyed ourselves. After that, well, does shopping and lunch sound familiar?