Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cats Poo Coffee

Peter Jones, the London department store, has started selling coffee made from palm civet cats' excrement, for £50 ($100) a cup. I checked it out, and it appears to be the real deal. See my article about this new blend which goes by the name of Caffe Raro.


Dawn said...

Thanks, but no thanks!! YUCK!! LOL

Anvilcloud said...

The article actually helps me to make some sense of it. Weird.

T. Benjamin Larsen said...

One of the world's most wonderful secrets in my twisted mind. Also, it is nice to be ahead of the curve for once. I made a small animation about this king-of-coffees a little while back.

Rosie said...

I'll pass thanks .....YUK!!

Rosie x