Friday, 3 October 2008

A week in the Trossachs - part 1

After leaving Aberdeen, I went to the Trossachs for a week. I stayed just by Loch Achray, which is between Callander and Aberfoyle. In case you're wondering where the Trossachs are, here's a link that explains what and where they are.

The early morning view from the house looked like this.

On my first morning there I took a walk down to the shore of the loch. The footpath from the house followed a stream that fed into the loch. It was so quiet and secluded.
There were some rowboats available for a small rental fee, but I have to admit I never got around to using them.
As for the accommodation - well see for yourself. It reminded me a bit of the fairy castles one finds in picture books.
It was absolutely gorgeous, and you'd no sooner finished looking at one breathtaking view, but you'd turn a corner and find another just as amazing as the last.

The downside to all these hills, though, is that I had absolutely no reception on my mobile phone. Luckily there was internet access within the house, and a direct phone inside each apartment, so I wasn't completely cut off. I was out almost all day every day, though, so wasn't reachable most of the time.


Donna said...

That looks positively HEAVENLY! What a wonderful place to have a holiday!

Anvilcloud said...

Looks like a great spot. The first photo especially is so enticing.

Shammickite said...

Not being "reachable" is one of the best things about staying at such a beautiful place. Was the weather nice? The views are incredibly gorgeous. Lucky you! I'm envious!

Donna said...

Fantastic Place Sweetheart!!!hughugs

Rosie said...

This looks really beautiful all that rolling contry side bliss.

My mum used to love it there!

Rosie x