Thursday, 9 October 2008

Birds of Prey (A week in the Trossachs - Part 3)

One day I visited Aberfoyle, and noticed a shelter with a sign outside saying there were birds of prey, some of which people could be photographed holding. There was no-one around, and no signs saying which bird was which, so I couldn't identify them.

I've tried identifying them online, but haven't had a 100% success rate, so if anyone knows which bird is which, and if I've made any mistakes, I'd love to know.

I think this first one is a kestrel.

And this is a peregrine falcon.
Another type of Falcon?
I'm not sure what this bird is. I thought it was an eagle, but apparently it isn't. Owl No. 1

Owl No. 2
Owl No. 3
These birds were quite beautiful to look at, and it seemed to be their siesta time. I waited around a bit hoping to see someone in charge who might be able to tell me a bit about the birds, but nobody appeared.


Donna said...

Awwww....Beautiful things!!! Too bad they're not out flying around...hope you're doing better sweetie!!hughugs

dabrah said...

I agree. It can't be much fun being tied to a log for a good part of the day.

Hyde DP said...

The owls are fine and none of the birds are coming to any harm. I actually had quite a long chat with the chap at Aberfoyle a few years ago. None of these birds is an eagle, captive eagles are not allowed except when injured and injured birds are never displayed.

Sally said...

I'm going to catch up with you, Dabrah, when things (hopefully) get back somewhere closer to normal. But, I wanted to thank you so much for your support. (HUGS)

Rosie said...

Just beautiful birds :)

Rosie x