Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome Priory is on an island in the middle of Lake Menteith. It was founded in 1238 by the then Earl of Menteith, Walter Comyn. I was quite impressed that so much of it was still standing.

The Chapter House, which actually had a roof, contained some interesting features, as well as an impressive ceiling and windows.
The couple featured in the notice are shown at the bottom of the picture, and you can see that the curved ceiling is being held up by the shape of the stones within it.
Items 4 and 5 on the notice. I found these quite fascinating.
The island wasn't very big, you could walk the perimeter in under half an hour even with stops and starts to take pictures etc. The only way to reach it was by boat, and no running water or electricity on the island, so no cups of tea for sale in the little tourist shop. What would happen if someone missed the last boat of the day, and found themselves alone on the island overnight? Scary thought!


Donna said...

How lovely! It is amazing that all that has survived the years. Love that curved ceiling!

Anvilcloud said...

How fascinating is that?!

Changes in the wind said...

That is sooooooo beautiful...thanks for sharing.

Leigh Russell said...

You can feel the atmosphere of hte place, just by looking at the photos.

Thanks for your sympathetic comments on my blog. Check out my latest post - things are happening at last! It's getting very exciting - and the most exciting part for me (other than beginning to think about a launch party!!!) is seeing MS improving with every new change I've made.

Leigh Russell said...

hte - I keep typing it!?

Middle Ditch said...

This is just so beautiful. I love historic places. That ceiling is just amazing and those stone tablets ... wow.

Rosie said...

What stunning photos and such a beautiful place!

Rosie x