Sunday, 26 October 2008

I gained an hour today

I woke up this morning, bright and early at 7.30, and discovered that the clocks had been moved back and it was 6.30. I gained an hour today, hooray!

But that also means it's now officially winter, and the weather has responded by dropping temperatures and grey skies.

It's supposed to get really cold next week. Looking on the bright side, though: If we have a really cold winter maybe it'll snow.


Dawn said...

Last night it got to 40 degrees. That was cold for us. We aren't used to temperatures that are that low. It will get much colder. It is still autumn here. Winter doesn't start until December.

Have a great day!!


Jeanette said...

Our daylight saving ends next week. Although it is nice to get that extra hour, I am NOT looking forward to getting home from work in the dark every night! Blah!

Donna said...

Our daylight saving time ends next weekend. I'm not going to like having the early darkness! It' almost time for us to break out the flannel sheets, huh? LOL.

Herman Verbrugge said...

The same happened to me. I had to get used to the change and wasn't amused as you were. I went to bed again and was waiting with open eyes until the extra hour had passed away.:-)

Rosie said...

It's great when we gain that hour! My son forgot to move his clock and arrived early for Sunday lunch lol

Rosie x