Saturday, 3 May 2008

Etymologic game

Here's another game, but this one doesn't give any rewards to charities, it's just a passer of time, and perhaps an opportunity to learn a few new things.

It's Etymologic and it's quite challenging. You have to choose from four possible answers about the meaning or source of different words.

I'm ashamed to say that I did very badly.


Donna said...

LOL...I got 5 out of 10!!! It says I Gotta go Study!!LOL....Fun! a new day sweetie!!hughugs

Sally said...

Heavens to Betsy - I'm so dumb. :)

Dawn said...

Gee Louise, I am dumber than a doornail. I got 2 out of 10. I got to study. LOL

Monique said...

Nothing. A great big zilch. Dear oh dear. Had a look at that poem, was hilarious.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I got 8 out of 10 the first time, and 9 out of ten the second time... then I thought I could cruise on the shirttails of my success and tried it again, and I got 4 out of ten, it told me to go study!!! great time waster!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dabrah,
I will have to check this new game out that you have told about. From everyone else's comment, it may be best I better not. LOL. Just kidding. I'm not very smart either. I read about your Barcelonia trip and I'm sorry you were robbed. But like you said, it could have been worse. I'm just glad they didn't get all of your money and that you only took enough that you thought you would need for that one day. You were very smart in doing that. I enjoyed seeing the pictures as well. It looks like a nice place to be and to have a good time. I did put up a new post yesterday morning. I was down last week with a toothache and I am still having problems with it, but it's slowly getting better. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Herman Verbrugge said...

I got 6 out of 10, I am not dumb but this wasn't easy for me :-)
I was here for more then an hour and have read about the rabbit Janey and your Barcelona adventures. Then I followed the link to SocYBertY and there were MORE articles from you to read. I enjoyed the stories very much and I will put you also in my Blog list. How do we call you, is it Dee or Dabrah? :-)