Saturday, 10 May 2008

Composting Game

I promise this is the last game I post for a while. Next time I'll catch up on posting the photos I took in Barcelona, and other stuff.

Here it is:

It's a game where you have to decide what's compostable as well as balance the green and brown compost in your virtual compost bin. No prizes and no levels, but I did discover that I knew less about composting than I thought.

I think it's probably meant to be for kids, but I think you're never too old to learn.


Donna said...

I didn't do TOO bad...LOL...Happy day sweetie!! These are fun!!hughugs

Sally said...

I LIKE your games, but I can tell you right now, after playing that one, I ain't no composter whiz kid!! :)

Kathleen said...

Hey Dee Duff....I came here via...your message at my blog...thanks for visting...I'm going to be updating my blog..soon. Have been very busy as of Late..I even set up my own message board...feel free to stop by and say hi sometime...We talk alot about an actor name Stewart Finlay...Nick Kennedy...came by and said hi...that message is under archieves#2 though... my board is called sunshine and memories
thanks again.....nice blog...simple and effecient...and lots of post..keep it up Kathleen(aka KathySpring)