Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Another game to play

I just found another website that lets you play. This time it's called One Word and all you do is click on the GO button and it takes you to a page with just one word on it. You then have 60 seconds to write as much as you can about that one word. Then you can save it, and see what other people have written. Apparently they change the word every day. I tried it, and it was fun.


Donna said... word was cone....geez!!hughugs

Middle Ditch said...

This sounds fun! I'm coming back to play when I have more time.


Sally said...

Mine was scent - I didn't do too well!! HAHAHAHA

Dawn said...

Mine was left. I didn't understand it. I am coming back tomorrow to try it again.


Sally said...


Ex-Shammickite said...

I tried this and babbled on and on about a microphone, it was fun but I was trying to type really fast and kept missing the keys (I'm a two finger typist!) so it had a lot of spelling mistakes and I looked like a dork when it published!!
Happy Mothers Day!