Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Brenda Photo Challenge - Friday MAY 30TH

Donna of Made in Heaven has posted the following rules on her blog.

1. Up To 3 pictures allowed
2. If you've been chosen, pick a Theme for your challenge then set a date for it. Please give participants time to get out and about and do their picture taking. I gave them two weeks between challenges.
3. Hence forth, this challenge shall be known as The "Brenda" Photo Challenge
4. Anyone who wants to play along must leave a comment letting You know who to link to.
5. Have your link list at the bottom of your post so others can go visiting...
6. Pick a person to pass the challenge on to and let them know! If they don't respond? Pick someone else!
That's It!!!
If you just Can't think of what picture to take...Don't Worry!! This is about FUN...LAUGHTER!!
And LEARNING!! If you have ANY photography tips to pass along as well...PLEASE DO!!

When I set the date for my turn, I chose next Friday. Now that the rules have been formalised, I've decided to allow the two weeks to give everyone a chance to get their shots sorted out, so I'm changing the date to Friday, May 30th instead.

The theme for the next challenge is "liquid". Anyone who wants to can join in, so just leave a message in the comment section of this post.



Brenda said...

I'm still in! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Donna said...

Me To!! Should be a lot of fun!! Enjoy your evening sweetie!!hughugs

joan said...

I'm in. I like the theme of the challenge and already have some ideas. I think this is fun! Thanks. I like your shiny things from last week.

Jeanne said...

Hmm this looks fun. I'm in.

Sally said...

Okey dokey, I'm in. My first time, so you guys gimme a break! hahahaha