Friday, 11 January 2008

A clever old dog with a new trick

A friend emailed this to me today. It's so cute, I thought I would share it. I don't know where the story began, it seems to be one of those things that gets forwarded and forwarded and forwarded on.

An old dog wandered into the yard.
You could see from his collar and belly that he was well fed and had a home.
He followed me into the house,and fell asleep in a corner of the couch.

An hour later, he went to the door and I let him out.

The next day he was back, resumed his position in the hall and slept again.
This continued for several weeks.

Finally, being so curious about his home, I pinned a note to his collar saying: "Your dog comes to my home each afternoon for a nap."

The next day, the dog returned with a new note on his collar.
"He lives in a home with ten children -
He's trying to catch up on his sleep -
Can I come along to join him tomorrow?"


IcyCucky said...

This is so cute..and that's a very smart dog.

Donna said...

How Funny!!! LOL Cute story..

Monique said...

What a lovely story.

Dawn said...

LOL, cute story !!

Have a great Saturday ! :)


Betty said...

Oh Dabrah, that's such a cute story and one I had not seen come through my email.

Thanks for sharing.