Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Harry Lamin's letters home

I spotted this link on Yahoo, and checked it out. It's very interesting, and seems to have been quite popular for the last year or so. Has anyone come across it before? It has had a BBC progam made about it

It's a collection of letters written by a W.W.1 soldier called Harry Lamin. His grandson was given the letters, and he is putting them on his blog on the same dates as when they were written 90 years ago. Nobody knows what happened to Harry yet, and won't find out until the equivalent date when the war is over, or a telegram is delivered to his family.

It's really interesting, with pictures and comments.


Dawn said...

That blog is very interesting. I didn't have time this evening to go back and read everything, but, I have it bookmarked. Thanks for sharing !

Have a great day !


Donna said...

I've saved it to favorites as well. Love stuff like this! Thanks! May even put it on my blogroll so it's easier to get to! Have a great day girl!

Sally said...

Such a treasure trove; I love things like this, and when time permits will read it all. Can't wait. Thanks so much!!