Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The day started nicely, with sunshine and by noon, even a little warmth. By 5 pm it was pretty cold. I had to go out to a class at 7.30 pm and the wind was starting to build up. By the time I came out at 9 pm it was howling around the car park. On the way home there were small branches in the road (nothing too big or dangerous) and I managed to drive around them.

The Weather headlines are for gale force winds of up to 80 mph in the next 24 hours, but I thought it applied mainly to Scotland and the north of the country. It seems the wind down this end of the country must have misunderstood, and thought that it was included in the forecast.

I wrote an article today about the rising cost of petrol, and compared prices in the UK and the USA. I calculated that the cheapest petrol close to where I live is costing the equivalent of $7.77 per US Gallon! More than double what it costs in the USA. According to Wikipedia, UK taxes account for $5.04 of that total. In the US taxes are much lower, but vary according to the State you're in.


Betty said...

Dabrah, you need to move to the United States to avoid those high gasoline prices there. Come on, we would love to have you.

Donna said...

If it's 7.77 US then that would be 5.28 Euro?? (Trying to learn)!!
At the pump here the other day it was 2.89.....I'll Never gripe again...I swear!!! LOL

IcyCucky said...

$7.77 per gallon? I must find another part-time job then. It's $3.19 today where I live...I won't complain when thinking of you.

Sally said...

Be careful in all that wind, goodness. It's $3.19 here also today. I can't even imagine $7.77!!