Thursday, 27 January 2011

Spinach and things

This afternoon someone was coming to do a couple of hours' digging in my vegetable patch (I'm such a fair weather gardener), so after ignoring it for the last couple of months, I went out there to see what I wanted dug up.

To my utter amazement quite a lot was still growing. The spinach was really thick and tall, the parsley was doing great, the strawberries had full circles of leaves, the leeks I planted last spring are still growing, and the rhubarb was pushing up through the ground.

I was totally impressed that the spinach and parsley had survived the cold and snow that we'd experienced, and since we've been told there's more icy weather on the way, I picked as much spinach as I could.

I've made my favourite spinach curry, which is bubbling on the cooker right now, and I'm cooking some rice to go with it. I eat it with natural yoghurt on the side. I would take a picture of it to show here, but it actually tastes much better than it looks.

My vegetable patch now looks neat and tidy again. The forecast icy weather should break up the earth that's been dug and destroy any weeds.

While I was picking the spinach I came across quite a few ladybirds that appeared to be dead. I left them alone, but when I put the spinach in the kitchen, I found a ladybird wandering around. I realised that maybe it had been asleep, so I took it back outside and put it in the spinach patch so it could carry on sleeping till spring. I've since checked online, and apparently what I should have done is put it in a glass jar and leave it in my shed to hibernate safely through the winter.


Sally said...

Yum - I do love spinach any way it's fixed. I really should try to garden, but after the dollar weed took over my yard, it makes me sad. And, will take a fortune to remedy. :(

Good for you, Dee. I remember the gardens my mom used to have, and she loved it. :)

Anvilcloud said...

Well, you're certainly far from Canada.