Sunday, 16 January 2011

A New Spring

A new spring has sprung up just a few yards below the bottom of our road. I'm told it's been checked by the water company to make sure it's not a broken pipe, and they've confirmed it's a spring. There used to be one about fifty yards higher up on the same road, and one on our road, a couple of years ago. The roads have been resurfaced since then, and I suppose they must have been pushed underground.

This spring is quite fast, although this doesn't show in the picture, and it's formed it's own little well on the side of the road. This looks like a puddle in the picture but there's actually water bubbling out of it. The water is clear and clean, and Hooli enjoys drinking it.

First all the snow melted, and since then there's been so much rain that there is water sitting on the surface in patches on the fields, and even a few new little ponds dotted about here and there. Hooli enjoys splashing through them and having a drink when he's thirsty. He does get very muddy, though.


Herman said...

First I thought you announced an early Spring season... hahaha. But soon I understood it's a spring... who gives it a name :-) Hooli is still a wonderful dog.

Sally said...

How wonderful to see you, Dee and your beautiful Hooli! I've missed you!

Great photo's!

Anvilcloud said...

Just makes sure that there's no spring in your step -- not this spring anyway.

Anvilcloud said...

I've been in Scotland recently -- have read a few Hamish Macbeth books.

Donna said...

Goodness...Pretty wet there as well! It's been raining here as well.
Love Hoolie! Nice photos!
Stay dry!