Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bath and Breakfast

Good Grief! We've all heard of people reading in the bath, having a snooze, or unwinding with a nice glass of wine surrounded by the flickering light of scented candles. But eating breakfast in the bath? Perhaps it's a timesaving trick for people who have to rush in the mornings? Someone trying to save on washing up?

It's none of the above. These are soaps that one of my daughters gave me a couple of years ago.

They were so cute and quirky that I kept them on display in the bathroom still wrapped in their see-through wrapping. Today I decided that it's time to put them to their proper use.

When I'm given a present like this I find it really hard to let go. Using a soap ultimately destroys it, and so I tend to hang on to something like this bacon, eggs and waffle soap as long as possible.

I decided that if I can't keep the soap forever, at least I can record it for posterity in a post. So here it is.

And as I delay our daily walk, because it's raining and I hope it will let up, Hooli says: "Let Me Out!"


Sally said...

How cute!! I've never seen "breakfast" soap like that. How original!

I'm like you, Dee; my sis-in-law gave me soap that has high heels in it, and I've kept it wrapped for years. Maybe it's time to use it!! :)

Poor Hooli - hope the rain stops soon. :)

Donna said...

Hoolie is Handsome!
What cute soaps...I'm like you but 'ya can't keep it all! So, get 'ta foaming!!Hahaa

Jeanette said...

Those are so cute..I would have kept them for a long time, too! You'll always have the memories (and the picture, too!)

Anvilcloud said...

That's weird soap. I can't remember when we last used "bars" of soap. We've gone liquidy-pumpy here.