Friday, 21 March 2008

Yesterday I mowed the lawn

Well actually, I've just looked at the clock and realised that it's 1 a.m., so strictly speaking I mowed the lawn the day before yesterday. It was quite cold, but the sun peeked out long enough to warm the mower so that it started when I pulled the cord. It was amazingly long in spots, and when I'd finished the back lawn I felt like taking a break. But the sun had gone behind clouds and I was afraid that if I took a break and the mower got cold I wouldn't be able to start it again. So I went straight on to mowing the front lawn.

You may wonder why I'm mowing the lawn when we've had a snow forecast for Easter. The reason is that the grass was quite long, and my daughter was coming home and bringing Hooli (the Australian Shepherd) with her. I was worried that if Hooli went out into the garden and did a poop in the long grass, we'd never be able to find it. So you see there's method to my madness.

About 30 seconds after I finished it started to rain, or rather sleet!

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Sally said...

Yep, I can certainly understand the reason for mowing. Thank goodness the rain waited for you to finish! :)