Saturday, 29 March 2008

Crafty me

Look what I made! It's just made out of a piece of typing paper, but I surprised myself that it actually worked. It's a design for a paper lampshade that I stumbled across on the internet and I thought I'd give it a try.

Here's the link to the website. This one is actually supposed to be a kids' project, but this adult thought it was great fun to do. I may even go one step further and get some nice paper and make the lampshade. I'm thinking it would be quite nice with cutouts if you used a dark shade of paper.
**Idea*** Need a vase? Just make one of these to fit around an old glass jar, using your favourite shade or pattern of paper.


Lib said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. Hope you will come back soon.
I enjoyed my visit with you.A nice blog you have.
Love the lampshade .:o)
Blessins', Lib

Changes in the wind said...

Too cool!

Donna said...

You're GOOD!!LOL hughugs

Liane Schmidt said...

Unique and very interesting!

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.