Friday, 21 March 2008

Painful Petrol Prices

I filled my car yesterday. The tank was almost completely empty, and I filled it to the top. It took 45.3 litres (12 US Gallons/10 UK Gallons) and at price of £1.079 per litre, it cost me £48.94 (US$97.04). That's equivalent to $8.09 per US Gallon or £4.89 per UK Gallon.

A full tank will take me approximately 350 miles, so my cost per mile (fuel only) is now about 14p (or about 28 US Cents). That doesn't take into account other running costs such as insurance, road tax, parking charges and maintenance.

It's scary, and it hurts. Ouch!


Sally said...

WHOA!!! Ouch is right! It's about $3.36/gallon here now so guess I really shouldn't complain!

Hope you have a blessed Easter, Dee. (HUGS)

IcyCucky said...

Wow...$97 dollars? That's a lot! I like how you break it down to only .28 cents though. It looks less gloomy.

Happy Easter!