Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Slapstick Moment

I just had a slapstick moment. I was making a mug of tea for my son. He likes his tea seriously strong, so when I think the brew might be strong enough, I add the sugar and milk and then check out the colour before removing the teabag from his mug. Just as I was doing this, the doorbell rang and I jumped out of my skin. The teabag, which was perched on a teaspoon about six inches above the full mug of tea, did a swan dive back into the mug and about a third of the contents splashed out and messed up everything within splashing distance. Kettle, counter, storage jars, my coffee mug, the cupboard beneath the counter, the floor, and of course little old me!


Rosie said...

Don't you just hate it when this happens!! Hope you didn't get burnt sweetie!!

Your pic is great too all moving :)

Rosie x

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

I had one of these last week when I dropped the curry spoon. I wasn't startled or anything, just one of those moments when you can't seem to hold anything right.

Friday night is our curry night when I make a seriously hot lamb curry from scratch.

Just on the brink of completion of my fine artistic creation, I add the lemon juice for that extra 'ping' and give it a good old stir.

This was when I dropped the spoon and had to spend 5 minutes cleaning the diswasher, the bin, my jeans, the floor mat, the cooker front and basically every thing in the vicinity. This is why I laughed when I read your strong tea saga.

Nice picure!