Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Yesterday I went for my second Pilates class. They're held once a week in the nearest town, which is just two miles away. I'm not sure how fit you can get doing one class a week, but presumably I should get to the stage where I'll memorise the exercises and should be able to do them on my own at home between classes.

So far, I've really enjoyed it. There are about 15 people in the class, ranging in age between the twenties and the seventies, and only one man. The exercises are gentle and as easy as each individual needs them to be. Soft meditation-type music plays in the background, and the whole aura of the place is one of calm industry. The teacher leads and we follow. The session ends with a nice stretch and a period of relaxation and meditation.

I did a bit better in the first class than I did yesterday, mainly because of my sore arm and scratches and bruises after my dip in the stream.

Speaking of which I took the dog out on the same walk yesterday, and he definitely got quite excited when we were crossing the bridge over the stream, and tried to pull me down the footpath to the bank. Obviously remembering what fun he had last time he was there! But once bitten, twice shy, I stayed on the road and managed to complete the walk without incident.


Natalie said...

I love Pilates! Keep it up!

Marian Leighton said...

I have never done pilates but I head similarities ot Yoga which I do at least 4 times a week - two calsses today!