Friday, 5 October 2007

A Daily Walk in the Woods

Each day this week, I've taken my daughter's dog for a nice long walk in the woods. My daughter started a new job in London and hasn't been able to get home before dark, so even though she takes him out when she gets back, they aren't able to wander over fields etc.

Yesterday I took my camera with me, thinking that it would be nice to put one or two pictures of the wood on the blog. It was a lovely sunny day, and so there's dappled light shining through the gaps.

I've actually enjoyed these walks, and they're good exercise too, and wake me up after I've sunk into my post-lunch lethargy.

Today, however, was different. Today I went out for lunch with a friend (see my next post titled 'Ladies Who Lunch' and when I came home the dog was raring to go for a walk. To get to the woods we use a public footpath which starts with a flight of steps cut into the bank at the side of the road, then goes along a narrow overgrown path (stinging nettle country - ouch) and over a stile into a field. There are a total of five fields, five stiles and one gate to cross, and on the second to last one were some big cows. The dog managed to irritate the cows and we had to beat a retreat, so we ended up doubling back and never made it to the woods today.

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