Monday, 1 October 2007

Lenny Henry

I went to see Lenny Henry at Milton Keynes Theatre last night. He was, as usual, very very funny, and his show made clever use of a background projection screen, the front row of the audience and the road grid system in Milton Keynes (I could have told him a thing or two about that).

But my seat was too far back for me to see his facial expressions, and that, coupled with an amplification system that had just a touch of the Railway station PA systems about it, sometimes made it quite difficult to understand what he was saying. Oh, and not forgetting the couple sitting in the row behind who laughed long and loud at every word that Lenny Henry uttered, whether or not he'd actually reached the punchline. I'd love to know what they were on.

I think I'd have enjoyed it more if we'd been one floor lower, and maybe slightly further forward. But not anywhere near the front row, since then there would be the danger of becoming a part of the show, although at times he did manage to involve the whole of the audience.

I am glad I went though. He is a legend, and I've wanted to see him live for ages, so that's one less thing to do before I die.

I hope he brings this show to the small screen, though, so that I can catch up on the facial expressions and soundtrack I might have missed. I've become used to having Sky Plus, and when I miss a joke I just rewind. I'd have loved to do that a couple of times yesterday.

Overall: a brilliant show, but I was too far away to get 100% out of it.

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