Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Palindromic Date

Today's date is a palindromic date, in other words it can be written back to front and still read the same.

If you're British, the date today could be written as 21/2/12, or 21/02/2012 both of which are palindromic. However, if you were American, you would write it as 2/21/12 or 02/21/2012, neither of which are palindromic.

When I name a file on my computer, and I wish to store it chronologically, the first word in the name is the date entered as YYMMDD so today's files would begin with the numbers 210212, and wouldn't be palindromic. The only time I can think of this year that the dates on any of my file names will be palindromic will be on the 21st of November (121121).

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Donna said...

Hahaaa...ok, I've never thought about it! Learn something everytime I come here Miz Dee!