Monday, 5 January 2009

It's snowing!

As you can see from the picture, it's snowing here. I woke up and got a lovely surprise when I pulled back the curtains. The world was covered in a bright white blanket of snow, and then it started to snow again, so I tried to be creative with my camera.
Of course, it's freezing outside, and just in time for this cold cold weather, a set of cable knit hat, gloves and scarf arrived from Donna of Made In Heaven . Thanks Donna, they're so soft and warm - just perfect for the chilly air outside.Yes, that's me taking my own picture in the mirror!
I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for everyone.


Anvilcloud said...

Enjoy it. We've lost most of ours to rain lately, but we still have some cover, and it will likely stay for a few more months.

Changes in the wind said...

Great photos...very creative and love your tree decorations:)

BC Doan said...

Beautiful photo, very creative..

Sally said...

Sweet Donna's gift arrived just in time I see! Lovely picture. It's so hot here today, I could do yard work in shorts (If I was so inclined, but I'm not to either). hahaha

Have a great week!

Donna said...

Hahahaa...!! Great Picture!! How fun! Glad you like them sweetie! Stay warm!hughugs

Shammickite said...

ooooo snow in England, I wonder how long it will last?
Whern I lived in England, the snow never lasted very long, but it certainly made a mess of the roads and the traffic.