Wednesday, 21 November 2007

My Lost Pink Gloves

I’ve lost my gloves. They’re pink (yes pink, really) and they’re made from soft thermal material which is quite thick, but so warm. I put them away somewhere for the summer and now I can’t remember where. I tucked them away together with a matching thermal hat, and a stripy coordinating hat and scarf. If I can find just one of these things, I’ll find my pink gloves.

You couldn’t pick coins out of a purse easily when you’re wearing my pink gloves, but they’re utterly brilliant for driving a car on a cold day. There’s nothing worse than getting into a freezing cold car, putting your hands on a freezing cold steering wheel, and then trying to ignore the pain of freezing cold fingers as you’re driving.

My pink gloves do away with all of that pain. I keep them on the radiator just inside the door, and pick them up when I pick up my car keys. They’re toasty warm, and protect my hands from icy steering wheels until the car warms up enough for me to go bare-handed.

I’m almost tempted to go out and buy a new pair. In fact, I have been looking, but I haven’t found anything remotely resembling my pink gloves on sale anywhere. I wonder what I’ll find first, my old pair or a brand new pair in the shops!

If I do buy a new pair of gloves, I can almost guarantee I’ll find my old pink pair the very next day.

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