Thursday, 11 February 2010

Great Show

Last night I went to see Traces at Milton Keynes Theatre, and it was brilliant! I didn't know what to expect when I went, but after feeling a bit perplexed at the start, I very quickly settled into enjoying the whole show.

Traces is a group of five acrobats/dancers/singers/all-rounders, four men and one woman, who put on an energetic, varied and witty performance.

Two parts of the show stood out for me. One was when one of the men spun inside a metal hoop, and the second was a dance on skateboards. That doesn't mean that I'm saying the rest of the show wasn't outstanding, it's just that for me those two bits of it were the best.

If they're ever in your neck of the woods, I'd highly recommend this show for a great night out. If you're interested, their website can be found at


Icy BC said...

Sounds like an interesting show, Dabrah!

Donna said...

I'm SO glad you're enjoying your trips sweetie!! You SO deserve them! Wish I was there to see it!