Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Racing Sheep

It's Tuesday morning, and the end of the August Bank Holiday, with everyone returning to their normal daily occupations.

On Sunday afternoon, our village held its second annual Sheep Race in a field behind the pub. I missed the race last year, and so this year I put my anti-gambling scruples on the back burner, filled my pocket with coins, grabbed my camera and set off for the race.

Here's the lineup of the jockies.

And here's the line up of the races. If you click on the picture you should be able to read it. In the first race I bet on No. 1 Shearger, ridden by Willy Sawsome (in navy blue on the far left of the picture above). The race was won by No. 5 Little Lamb (in fact a lamb half the size of the other runners) ridden by Barbara Ram (the one in pink). So I lost my £1 stake.
In the second race, I felt that it was impossible to guess which sheep would win, or even which sheep was which. So I decided that it must all rest on the rider, and I bet on Race 1's winning rider - Barbara Ram, riding No 5, Rambo.
During the commentary the commentator was interviewing someone with racing credentials (but of the motoring type, I think) and the conversation went something like this:
"Who do you think will win?"
"A sheep."
"Ah! But which sheep will win?"
"A white one." (all the sheep were white)
Here's the second sheep race (The Cottesloe Cup)....
Yes! Barbara Ram did it again, and I won £2.50 which deducting my two £1 stakes, left me with a profit of 50p.
I'm afraid I missed the third race, because I was in the pub drinking a cup of coffee and trying to get warm.
Remember Leo? Well between each race, they had a dog handler and dog fun race, and Leo was entered into the second one (between the 2nd and 3rd Sheep Race). Here's a picture with Leo circled in red. As you can see, his handler picked him up and carried him, so they were both disqualified!

It was really good fun. If anyone has any concerns, I would like to stress that no dogs or sheep were hurt during these races, although there were one or two human injuries, and one of the sheep escaped.


Sally said...

HA!!! You do know how to have fun, Dee. I wish I lived near you!!

I thought you'd say you were in the pub drinkin' a brewski. :)

Jeanette said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Anvilcloud said...

You actually have sheep in Scotland? Just kidding.

Icy BC said...

Oh Dabrah, the video shows so much fun, and the whole event looks very entertaining too!

Donna said...

HAhahahaa...!! How FUN!! So glad you won a bit of money! Loved the part about human injuries!!Hahaaa...hughugs

~PakKaramu~ said...
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Shammickite said...

What are you going to spend the 50p winnings on? Or did it already get spent at the Beer tent on that cup of coffee?
I think I would have bet on Shaun Fleece, what a great name!

Nick said...

Hilarious video!

Love Natty and Nick

Leigh Russell said...

I thought I was the one who wrote fiction - this is real?!
As for your winnings - don't spend it all at once!
How hilarious.

Middle Ditch said...

Such fun! And fifty pence profit too! Was the escaped sheep ever found?

Donna said...

Just checking on you Dee!!!hughugs

Leigh Russell said...

Just called by to say hello.

Sally said...

Hope you're doing okay, Dee! Haven't heard from you in quite a while. Take care. (((Hugs)))

Shammickite said...

Where are you? I hope all is OK in your corner of the blogging world.

Sally said...

Happy Halloween, Dee! Thanks for the card. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. (((hugs)))